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Your video will pause at a point you select, prompting the viewer to sign up to continue watching.

The new lead will be added to you CRM.

Automation takes over: emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and AI appointment booking advance the lead's journery

It's a Breeze to set up!

  • Watch how it works

  • Signup, and we'll send you a free guide via email, teaching you exactly how to do it!


Jamal K., Healthcare sales specialist

"As someone always on the lookout for efficiency, I appreciate tools that are simple to set up with the free newsletter, I felt Empowered to do it myself. It's evident that videos are the future of medical training!"

Alexa M., Medical Staffing

"I've trued various methods,

but this is hands-down the best way to capture medical pro's leads. The setup was incredibly easy, and with the free guidance in the newsletter, was able to handle everything myself!"

Nina F., Medical Equipment Sales Manager

"Medical instructional videos are the way forward, no doubt about it! the ability to have professionals sign up precisely at the peak of their interest is game-changing.

Plus the setup is a breeze, especially with the free guidance provided."

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