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Comparing Cost Per Click (CPC)

How much will it cost you to reach 10,000 medical decision makers?


Google Ads Average CPC Healthcare $3.13 (9Clouds)


LinkedIn Ads Average CPC Healthcare $4.78 (WordStream)


Cold Emails. Calculated Based on 10k Contacts List

In addition to the significantly lower Cost Per Click (CPC) of cold emails when compared to Google or LinkedIn ads, there are several other key advantages of a well-crafted cold email strategy:

Sequences and Engagement:

Unlike Pay-Per-Click (PPC) where you incur cost with every interaction, a well-designed cold email strategy involves sequences of emails. With these sequences, you can engage your prospects multiple times without incurring additional costs. This allows you to build and measure engagement, interest, and trust with each interaction.

Lead Capture and Multi-channel Engagement:
In PPC advertising, a click does not equate to a lead capture. However, in cold emailing, once a prospect shows signs of engagement, you’re able to expand your connection with them to other platforms such as social media, LinkedIn, professional groups, and associations. This approach not only allows you to capture the lead but also to nurture it through warmer sequences.

Omni Marketing Approach:
If a prospect has clicked and landed on one of your internal landing pages, you can leverage this interaction to boost your marketing efforts further. The landing page can be equipped with retargeting ads, enabling you to connect with them on LinkedIn and smoothly transition them to your sales funnel. This comprehensive, Omni marketing approach allows you to capture and nurture leads more effectively, enhancing your overall marketing strategy.

Audience Targeting & Segmentation

Successful email marketing is akin to a stage performance. It’s not about the quantity of words but our expertise and understanding of what truly makes emails work: the power to motivate action among medical decision-makers.

Ensuring Email Deliverability

Leveraging our deep understanding of email deliverability, we ensure your cold emails consistently land in the inboxes of medical professionals. Our process involves building the optimal bulk-emailing systems, creating a warm-up process for senders, establishing a solid IP reputation, and scaling up to a daily email capacity of 10,000. Our healthcare-specific insights and tools empower you to optimize deliverability rates, reaching larger audiences with confidence

Words that Trigger Decisions

We understand the psychology behind making a sale. Sales are not just transactional; they involve human emotions and decision-making processes. By tapping into the emotional aspects of a purchase, you can create a connection with your prospects.


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Joshua Leavitt. Marketing expert and a medical device inventor

The team signed ~$700,000 in new business in July. Omni has been a large part of that

– Jessica Woodbeck

How to market to doctors and medical facilities?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your service entail?

Our service provides an effective B2B cold email marketing strategy, specially designed to connect healthcare businesses with a vast number of healthcare providers. We combine technical expertise in ensuring email deliverability with a creative, empathetic approach to crafting engaging emails.

How does your system ensure my emails reach their intended recipients?

We employ reliable servers and rigorous checks to ensure your messages reach the right inboxes. Our strategic planning and effective email delivery systems are designed to bypass technical barriers and guarantee that your message lands in the right inbox every time.

How do you tailor your approach to my target audience's unique needs?

Recognizing the unique needs of each healthcare professional, we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we segment these professionals based on their individual requirements, planning our outreach in a way that resonates with their specific situations and pain points.

How do you ensure that my outreach messages stand out?

The secret lies in our understanding of the art of crafting engaging emails and developing a communication plan. By using techniques such as empathy, storytelling, and establishing credibility, we design messages that not only capture attention but also drive action.

Can your service help boost my sales on my medical supply ecommerce site?

Absolutely. Our targeted outreach and marketing strategies work for a wide range of sectors within healthcare, including medical supply ecommerce. By ensuring your emails reach the right professionals and resonate with their needs, we can help increase conversions and sales for your ecommerce site.

How do you keep up with the changes in email marketing?

Much like running a practice, email marketing is a dynamic field with many moving parts. It requires constant learning and adaptation. Our team stays ahead by staying abreast of the latest trends, continually refining our techniques, and consistently optimizing our strategies to maintain top performance.

What healthcare sectors can benefit from your service?

Whether you are in medical supply ecommerce, medical equipment, medical devices, SaaS, digital services, pharmacy services, or if you sell to practices, our service can be beneficial. We specialize in helping you connect with a vast number of healthcare providers across these sectors.

How large a scale can your service handle?

We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate connections on a vast scale. With our expertise and tools, we can help you reach out to healthcare providers in significant numbers, enabling you to expand your reach like never before.

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